Año: Marzo 2021

Ubicación: Expo Eco Calling "The Ride".

Angela Peralta Theatre, Polanco, Ciudad de México.

Plataforma: Spotify, panel inmersivo,  Totem de descarga Gratuita.

Sala sensorial

Song I

Calling the soul

If i Call the soul, Internal destruccion i call.

Falling thousands storms inside my pack.

Calling for some species, no one cares about the man.

Burnin beds and stealing lifes, we start to writte.

We start to cry.

Tell me why you call me only, In the night,

I think you sober.

So Please dont call me.

Little monster.

Failer, loser.

Please dont call be back.

And now you wanna take a Ride.

Around me people scream and now we laught .

You raise the gray and blow my eye.

Now anwers are run away again

All This Is in you is in me, he he he...

So tell me why you call me only In the night.

All right , you wanna know.

!Becauseuse you know...!

If close your eyes


Song II


Color you see sucks It on the streets.

The rumor of the fear disappears

There is no time. There is ---and líes.

Ohh baby girl.

We are both on this!

Yeehhh yeehhh yeehhh

Power and gold, riches, promises.

Times like these will never end.


The righteous die

sinners always ----.

Always laught-

Decorate skin of her lovers .

with indelible marks of joy and evil.

Even in the daytime, they betray,

each other.

Each other.

I dont wanna work

Nobody wants to go

All is drink and kill... They consume.

Always do.

You know

A woman is robbed, and child is abandoned.

The glory Is in your breasts, unfaithful girl.


She told me, my boy is a ----.

Ohhh yeeeahh Is a fool

Is a foool

And it comes to me.

Yeeeh yeahh yehhh

this is a new day, and night and day.

There's no betrayal.

Stupid girl.

The Virus is death.

Really dearh .

And the night is gone.



Titulos de otras canciones.



Este trabajo cumple una amplia variedad de funciones: exploración de talento, recolección de energía, crecimiento del ego, unión de disciplinas en la búsqueda de expresar un sentimiento generacional por medio de un álbum musical.

El album compilatorio tendrá en su formato físico una portada fotografica original de su autor,  una declamación de bienvenida, clips de video cada single, tres recetas de cocina, una copia de la carta a mano titulada "Sentimientos de los jóvenes" por lir el vampiro de 27 años.